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Hasta Vases, Set of 3

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MSRP: $405

This set of three ceramic vases is an artistic expression of natural materials. Artisans incorporate sand into the ceramic to create the incredibly textured façade of each piece, which is finished in either ivory, gray or charcoal. The slender profiles and varied scale are ideal for a mantle or bookcase. Finish will vary.


Appearance Color: Black, Gray, White
Appearance Material: Ceramic
Primary Finish: Gray
Appearance Finish: Charcoal, Gray, White
Appearance Environment: Contract Suitable


Finish Will Vary: Yes


Foot Print Medium Width: 12
Foot Print Medium Depth: 1.5
Foot Print Large Depth: 3.5in
Foot Print Large Width: 12.5in
Foot Print Small Depth: 1in
Foot Print Small Width: 9in
Overall Large Height: 13in
Overall Small Width: 12in
Overall Small Height: 5.5in
Overall Small Depth: 2.5in
Overall Medium Width: 16.5in
Overall Medium Height: 7in
Overall Medium Depth: 3.5in
Overall Large Width: 16.5in
Overall Large Depth: 4in


Features: Water Tight


Gross Weight 1 Outbound: 20.5lbs
Net Weight: 16.1lbs
Shipping Box 1 Height: 17.5in
Shipping Box 1 Length: 21.5in
Shipping Box 1 Width: 17in